Song Studies Network

Members of the Song Studies Network

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Helen Abbott Professor of French Poetry and Music University of Birmingham
Emilio A. Aguilar Balbuena rMA Student of Cultural Analysis & Early Music Singing University of Amsterdam & Conservatory of Amsterdam
Maaheen Ahmed Associate Professor of Comparative Literature Ghent University
Inge Arteel Lecturer in German Literature Vrije Universiteit Brussels
Håvard Bamle Doctoral researcher, Musicology University of Agder
Linda Barwick Professor of Musicology Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney
Juliane Brauer Research Scientist, Centre for the History of Emotions Max Planck Institute for Human Development
Stewart Campbell Doctoral Researcher University of Birmingham
Bidisha Chakraborty Doctoral Researcher, Department of English Banaras Hindu University
Dirk Coigneau Emeritus professor Dutch literary studies Ghent University
Tine De Koninck Doctoral Researcher University of Antwerp
Cécile de Morrée Assistant professor Dutch Literary Studies Radboud University Nijmegen
Thomas Delpeut Doctoral researcher, History Radboud University Nijmegen
Emma Dillon Professor of Music King’s College London
Morag Grant Teaching Fellow in Music University of Edinburgh
Éva Guillorel Lecturer in History Université Caen Normandie
Laurens Ham Assistant professor Dutch Literary Studies Utrecht University
Nicholas Hammond Professor, Department of French Cambridge University
Ulrike Hascher-Burger Musicologist & Medievalist Independent scholar, affiliated with Utrecht University
Uffe Holmsgard Eriksen Postdoc University of Southern Denmark
Lotte Jensen Professor of Dutch Cultural and Literary Studies Radboud University Nijmegen
Malte Kobel Doctoral researcher, Department of Performing Arts Kingston University London
Doina Kraal Artistic Researcher Leiden University & Royal Academy of Arts The Hague
Erika Kuijpers Assistant Professor of Medieval and Early Modern History Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Archana Kumar Professor of English Banaras Hindu University
Adriana La Selva Artistic Researcher Ghent University, KASK School of Arts Gent & Institute a.pass
Katherine R. Larson Professor of English University of Toronto
Elizabeth Eva Leach Professor of Music University of Oxford
Inger Leemans Professor of Cultural History Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Lauren Michelle Levesque Assistant Professor, Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality Saint Paul University Ottawa
Elisabeth Lutteman Doctoral Researcher, Department of English Uppsala University
Bjarne Markussen Professor of Nordic Literature University of Agder
Christopher Marsch Professor of Social and Cultural History Queen’s University Belfast
Laura Mason Senior Lecturer, Department of History Johns Hopkins University
Sarah McCleave Senior lecturer, Musicology Queen’s University Belfast
Una McIlvenna Senior Lecturer in History The University of Melbourne
Hubert Meeus Professor of Dutch Literary Studies University of Antwerp
Marta Michalska Doctoral researcher, History University of Warsaw
Linde Nuyts Doctoral researcher, Department of History Ghent University
Christopher Parton Doctoral researcher, Musicology Princeton University
Gustavo Penha Professor of Music Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul
Leonie Persyn Doctoral Researcher,  Department of Music, Visual Arts and Performance Studies Ghent University
Anne Sigrid Refsum Doctoral Researcher, Department of Language and Literature Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Astrid Reimers Researcher in European Ethnomusicology Universtity of Cologne
Herman Roodenburg Professor of Historical Anthropology and Ethnology of Europe Meertens Institute Amsterdam
Omri Ruah-Midbar Researcher of Digital Culture and Music Givat Washington Academic College of Education Israel & Academic and Technology College of Tel-Hai
Marianna Ruah-Midbar Shapiro Department of Mysticism and Spirituality Zefat Academic College Israel
Simon Smith Lecturer in Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama University of Birmingham
Johan M. Staxrud Doctoral Researcher, Culture Studies University of South-Eastern Norway
Kristine Steenbergh Associate professor of English Literature Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Theodore Louis Trost Professor in Religious Studies and New College The University of Alabama
Tamara Turner Research Fellow, Center for the History of Emotions Max Planck Institute for Human Development
Julia Uhlela PhD Candidate in Ethnomusicology School of Music, University of British Columbia
Wim van Anrooij Professor of Dutch Literary Studies Leiden University
Cornelis van der Haven Associate professor Dutch Literary Studies Ghent University
Isabella van Elferen Professor of Music & Director of the Visconti Studio Kingston University London
Marie van Haaster MA student Radboud University Nijmegen
Bram Van Oostveldt Associate professor of Theatre Studies Ghent University
Carmen Verhoeven MA student, Dutch Literature and Culture Utrecht University
Henk Vogel Doctoral researcher, Practices department Protestant Theological University Amsterdam
Renée Vulto Doctoral researcher, Department of Literary Studies Ghent University
Lea Wierød Borčak Postdoc Fellow Linnaeus University Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies
Frank Willaert Emeritus professor Dutch literary studies University of Antwerp